Talk about the combination of integrated operational amplifier and integrated amplifier


Cheng yun amplifier and integrated power amplifier are two kinds of devices that the primary enthusiasts and students like to use. How to make the best use of these two types of devices by matching and combining them, and to create priority performance/cost ratio is a question worth discussing.

The author of several years of fever although accumulated some experience, but also inventory a considerable number of sound components. Among them, there are a large number of integrated amplifiers and integrated amplifiers, including early fever carriers LM833N, NE5532N, NE5535N, and recently popular OP275G, LT1057 and AD827JN. The integrated power amplifier is some well-known models, such as TDA1514A, LM1875T, LM1876TF, LM3886TF and early TA2030A. Of course, integration blocks of models such as JRC4558P, TL072 and TDA2030 are not required to be studied because their performance is not "feverish" enough.

The above integrated power amplifier is finished product board, board components, technology is relatively exquisite, and are very simple. And to the above a few put, because be standard double put, reason used a preposition buffer only magnifier board, it is "fine article 1876" in electronic newspaper on June 13, 1999 that piece of AD827. The components are very elegant: DALE W gold film resistor, WIMA, ELNA capacitor, APLS potentiometer, silver-plated double panel, and excellent technology. The author removed the AD827 and replaced it with a 24K gold-plated carrier socket.

As for power supply, the servo power supply for operation and discharge is + / -15v power supply, while the power amplifier adopts the power supply mode of big ring cow, double bridge rectifier, big pond and small pond electrolysis.

At the same time, the author also invited several like-minded friends, the common evaluation. The listening time is still after 7 PM to have a better environment. Equipment used amoi DVD8058A third generation and hi dulcet 2  1 c, software or hear ripe sacks, CAI qin song, Hugo Ⅰ, etc.

I love 1876, let it head, in turn for it to replace the previous six. Of course, the author's previous use of 827+1876 combination listen to the feeling first, obtained consistent high praise. This matching medium and high frequency has a strong music flavor, smooth, balanced, natural and warm, making people intoxicated, low frequency is also clean and agile, easy to put and put. The combination of OP275+1876 is slightly poor in the sense of high frequency extension, slightly fuzzy in the low frequency, and still excellent in the medium frequency. Although LT1057 is well-known, but with 1876 collocation is not suitable, the problem is on timbre, always give a person "cold", "thin" sense. Similar to NE5532, LM833 has a warm tone, but has a strong sense of high frequency burr and low frequency. The noise of 5532 is slightly higher. As for NE5535, there is a serious distortion after the replacement, which is estimated to be damaged. To sum up, for the power amplifier of LM1876, it can achieve high performance with AD827, while with OP275, it has high cost performance.

Next we replaced it with the LM3886, which felt very similar to 1876 and more powerful. Still feel better with the AD827. The difference of OP275, NE5532 and LM833 is not significant, but the low frequency of OP275 is better, which may be related to the conversion rate of 22V/ms. The LT1057 is still metallic, a combination that feels good for home theater, dynamic and powerful. Especially in "Hugo Ⅰ" picture exhibition, "(Kiev door), a very majestic.

In the prestigious LM1875 power play, the AD827 is not very prominent, while the LT1057 makes people shocked. The overall balance, sound color is moderate, high and low frequency is abundant, and the details of music are well handled. NE5532 paired with OP275 is also good with 1875. Especially the 5532, which is cheap and fine, has the same conversion rate as the 1875, without the "bottleneck" problem of speed.

For 1514A, as it is a "cool" amplifier, it is difficult to get along with the LT1057. In other types of amplifier, AD827 and OP275 are better. NE5532 and LM833 can also be matched, but the intermediate frequency is not very satisfactory. For comprehensive consideration, 1514A and OP275 can be the first choice. Although there is nothing outstanding, they are still in line.

Although the TDA2030A appeared in the future, it is still widely used in the society and is still used in a considerable number of active computer speakers. Our Suggestions can be used as a reference for users of 2030A. We recommend NE5532 or LM833, which are enough to pair with 2030A, and there's no need to go after the other three. Audibly, the differences are minimal.